Week 11ART 239 Web Design I

Class Notes for Monday 4/8/19, Wednesday 4/9/19


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Email links

Defines that the link should go to an email address
Add a “carbon copy” email address
Add a blind carbon copy email address
Add a subject line
Add content into the body of the email
<a href="mailto:someone@example.com?cc=someoneelse@example.com&bcc=andsomeoneelse@example.com &subject=Summer%20Party&body=You%20are%20invited%20to%20a%20big%20summer%20party!" target="_blank">Send mail!</a>

email screen

HTML Special Characters

Non-breaking space, allows you to use multiple spaces to separate words. Also prevents a word from breaking if used in place of an actual space.
Left single quote mark, or an apostrophe ( ‘ )
Right single quote mark ( ’ )
Left double quote mark ( “ )
Right double quote mark ( ” )
Em dash ( — )
En dash ( – )
Horizontal ellipsis ( … )
Copyright ( © )
Ampersand ( & )
Trademark ( ™ )