Week 13ART 239 Web Design I

Class Notes for Monday 11/26/18, Wednesday 11/28/18

Final project Scope review:

Your Goal:

Concept, design, and produce a functional website. The final project should be a complete, functional and well-designed website. The website must be online at a web host that has no banners for full credit.


  1. A logo and accompanying text
  2. Main navigation [secondary navigation if necessary]
  3. Two level interface screen design (Single page design with subpage; Homepage & product page.
  4. JavaScript (examples include: rollovers, modal, smooth-scrolling, etc.)
  5. HTML pages and one external CSS file


  1. Research & planning
  2. Logo design
  3. Sitemap (site structure/flow chart)
  4. Wireframe (selecting & categorizing work, content development)
  5. Interface design
  6. Producing & troubleshooting
  7. Publishing & FTP

What you need to submit

  1. Creative Brief
    • Cleanly formatted Word doc or PDF with no spelling errors or typos
  2. InVision Protoype with the following screens:
    • Cover
    • Creative Brief notes
    • Logo
    • Site map with wireframed pages linked (Example)
    • Wireframes (2 pages, linked together) (Page 1 Example, Page 2 Example)
    • Site Mockup/Interface Designs
  3. InVision Moodboard with the following sections:
    • Color Palette
    • Visual Inspiration
    • Typography


  4. Final working files (HTML, CSS, images, scripts, etc.)
  5. Link to the live site


Your site should be 1280px wide to accomodate the most popular current minimum screen size (1366px wide). This will ensure your site renders compleetly on the largest percentage of desktop/laptop screens.