Week 9ART 239 Web Design I

Class Notes for Monday 3/25/19, Wednesday 3/27/19


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Dark Woods Cut and Cut

Content for this project from the 2017 Travel & Leisure article “World's Most Haunted Forests” https://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/worlds-most-haunted-forests

Your Project

The steps in starting a project should be:

Get Inspired!

Keep in mind: Demographics (target audience) and Business identity and perception. Search out and critique other designs and trends.

Create a Mood Board

A board board is a group of images, textures, patterns, colors, and fonts, combined on one page to convey a mood, feeling and/or style. This will serve as your main inspiration for the rest of the project.

Wireframe Sketches

Work on multiple concepts BEFORE deciding on "the one." Remember, in the business world you may need to show multiple concepts. Or at the very least back up your design decisions and workign through them ahead fo time will help set your decision path. Make sure you have all the elements necessary for a successful project (Functionality).

Your sketches should show:

Sketch analysis, critique, and REVISION.

Only when you are proud of your sketches will you move to the next phase. Throughout any part of the design process, take breaks when needed. Walk away and come back with a fresh look.

Develop your final design(s).

Don't forget, not everything in your layout has to be made on a computer. Take photos, scan original Illustrations

Analyze, Critique and Revise.

As many time as necessary to make it worthy of your portfolio.


Your site must be uploaded and avaiable via a live URL and be free of any presentation (image, link, browser, etc.) issues.